Getting to Know You: Miss Bloodstone

The Basics

-Full name: Miss Bloodstone. That’s all you need to know, dearies.
-Nicknames: Miss B, MB, ‘Hey You’, etc.
-Age: At the time of this blog? 25.
-Astrological sign: Pisces.
-Chinese zodiac animal: Monkey.
-Homeland: Canada, baby.
-Tattoos: None, yet.
-Piercings: Just my earlobes and one nostril.
-Pet peeves: Bad grammar, people who walk wayyyy too slow in front of others, people who don’t say please/thank you… but my number one is people who cut down others for no reason. I have found myself in too many situations where people I’m around will just start trash talking about some person they’ve never even met, or barely know. I just walk away. No thanks.
-Smoke: On occasion
-Drink: On occasion.
-Drugs: Not since high school, and even then, I only smoked pot a couple times. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about, but I have nothing against it excluding the fact that it is still illegal where I live. Until it’s legalized (and it’s only a matter of time), I make a point of staying away from the stuff.


It’s a close tie between blue and green, but I enjoy most colours depending on what they’re applied to.

Dog breed.

Halloween, but Christmas is a close second.

Date spot.
Amusement parks. I love the idea of going on all the rides, wandering and chatting about everything and nothing, munching on horrible food, playing the rigged games all to win a $2 stuffed animal that we spent $30 trying to win (which I will treasure), and topping it off with fireworks at the end. It’s just a fun time where you can be both best friends and a couple. On top of that, there’s no better icebreaker than screaming your head off on the scariest ride you can find.

It depends on my mood; sweet fruit, pasta, sushi, and burritos are generally good bets, though.

Anything sweet. Mangoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and kiwi are a few of my favourites.

Broccoli and cucumbers are tasty; same with beansprouts.

Alcoholic drink.
I’m always content with Molson Canadian, Stella Artois, and the occasional margarita. If I want someting harder, I enjoy a little Jack Daniels, or a shot or two from my neighbourhood pub; they made these tasty dessert shots with apple and cinnamon that just rocks my world.

Non-alcoholic drink.
Iced caps and slurpees all day, every day.

I have many, but I’ve always enjoyed Holly Black’s ‘Tithe’, Nancy Baker’s ‘The Night Inside’, and Tamora Pierce’s ‘The Immortals’ series. Mainly because these books were escapes for me throughout my time in middle and senior high school.

I can’t list them all, but Twister, Sucker Punch, American Mary, Practical Magic, Moulin Rouge, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Ace Ventura, Death Proof, Insidious, and Interview with a Vampire are the tip-of-the-tip-of-the-tip of the iceberg. I also love Quentin Tarantino’s work; I’ve yet to see a film of his that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. Death Proof is one of my hands-down favourite films.

TV Show.
I’ve enjoyed a few; Scream, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, and Gotham are on the list, as well as 1000 Ways to Die, various storm chasing documentary-style series, anything to do with urban legends, and cartoons I used to watch when I was younger (Gargoyles, Cybersix, Sailor Moon, etc).

Again, I can’t name them all as I love my music, but Evanescence, Halestorm, Type O Negative, Gorillaz, and that’s not even including soundtracks (Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, John Powell, Alexandre Desplat, Danny Elfman, Christophe Beck.

Tom Hiddleston, Bill Oberst Jr., Christoph Waltz, Richard Armitage, Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.

Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, Maggie Smith, Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Emma Thompson, etc.

Vanilla, fresh bread, campfire, rain, and oddly enough gasoline.

Boy name.
Aiden, William, Thomas, Koada, Tristan, Adam, Oliver, Leo, Liam, etc.

Girl names.
Marie/Maria, Victoria, Emily, Rowan, Phoebe, Evangeline, Ardeth, Ruth, Diana, Zoe, Dillan, etc.

Jupiter all the way.


Inner Nerd

What Hogwarts House would you be sorted into?
Hufflepuff. Maybe Gryffindor, but I know the badger would win out in the end. Fun fact; I have a rowan wand with a unicorn hair core at 14.25 inches. Wow. For this whole ‘Inner Nerd’ thing, I’m off to a great (?) start.

What is your Patronus?
According to Pottermore, the wolf.

What is your Ilvermorny House?

Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?
I like both, but if I absolutely had to choose, I’d be better suited as a werewolf. I’m not graceful enough to be a vampire.

Edward or Jacob?
Neither, but if I have to choose, it’d be a tie between Carlisle and Alice.

Which Marvel superhero would you be?

Which DC superhero would you be?

Who is your favourite Sailor Scout?
Sailor Jupiter, but it’s a close tie with Sailor Venus.

What would be your District if you were in Panem.
District 4; I think I’d be well-suited as a deckhand.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Star Wars?
One. Sorry, folks; I’ve just never been a fan.

Have you ever sent anyone fanmail before?
Yeah, actually. I don’t really care for autographs, but if I find an artist’s work to be particularly impactful on me in a positive way, I may send it in. I know that 99.9% of the time, it probably won’t be seen, but if I were in their shoes, I know I would love to hear when people enjoyed my work so much they took the time to communicate that to me. That being said, I’ve only done it once.

Have you ever met a celebrity in-person?
No. I’ve seen one or two in-passing. One instance I was quadding with my friends in Los Cabos, and Alexander Ludwig happened to be heading up just as we were leaving. A couple  girls in the front of the bus lost their minds and starting taking pictures with him; he was really cool about it though, which is nice. I’ve seen fans go absolutely wild over celebrities and I find it a bit bizarre.
If I saw a celebrity on the street, even one I consider myself a fan of, I’d still leave them alone. At the end of the day, they have enough people approaching them all the time; it probably gets old pretty quick. They’re people, just like us; give them their space, people. *sigh* Well, that went on for a lot longer than I thought it would. Pardon.

What six Pokemon would be on your team?
Well, I would be super happy with just Arcanine, but as far the other five, I’d have a Starmie, Dragonite, Absol, and Castform (whom I would name Doppler because I’m disgusting), and Noivern. I would also like a Metagross, but only six, right? *sigh*

Do you have any nerdy habits?
I have a game I play at movies where I try to guess the composer of the soundtrack. It’s also part of the reason I stay through the credits.

Have you ever had a weird crush on someone you shouldn’t have?
Definitely, yes. Bill Oberst Jr. He couldn’t have been farther from the kind of guy I fine myself into, and I first saw his work on a few indie horros, and on the Facebook app ‘Take This Lollipop.’ He was creepy, but he did a fantastic job with a script that had no dialogue. I started seeing him in even more films, and even tuned into a few interviews and as it turns out, he’s an incrdibly sensible dude with a great sense of humour. Dunno why, I was just kinda into that. Hey, you asked for my weirdest crush; that would have to be the most unexpected on my end.

Which Doctor is your favourite?
I assume you’re referring to Dr. Who. To be quite honest, I’ve never watched it, so I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you.

What is your favourite Neopet?
Wow, that’s a blast from the past. I always loved Lupes and Gelerts.

Do you play any instruments?
I sing, and I’ve taught myself piano, guitar and flute. I hope to expand to a multitude of other instruments someday, though; harp, cello, violin, melodica, drumkit, bass guitar, you name it.

The Deep End

Would you ever get any body modifications aside from tattoos and piercings?
To be honest, yes. I would love to get a breast reduction at some point; problem is the price tag starts at about five grand, so I’m stuck. Nothing crazy, I just wanna go down a cup size. If I went really wild, I’d love to get my ears pointed, but I don’t think I ever will.

What has been your longest relationship?
Four years and counting.

What has been your shortest relationship?
3 days, with a few months of bullshit.

Have you ever cheated on someone?
Never have, never will. I’ve done some stuff I’m not proud of, but that ain’t one of ’em.

Have you ever been cheated on?
A few times, yes.

Do you have any bad habits?
Picking at my nails, overthinking everything, going off on rants or tangents. I’m not going to lie, I do have a bit of a temper, too.

What do you want to do with your life?
I’d like to know I made as positive of an impact as I could have made throughout my time here. I suppose you’re probably referring to careers and such, though. I can’t really give you much of an answer, I’m afraid. If I had my way, I’d be a star musician, splitting time between working in the studio, touring the world, and helpng other artists get their start, but who hasn’t wanted to be a rock star, right?
So all in all, I’d just like to be happy, and to help others when I can; regardless of my occupation.

This or That

Cats or dogs?
Both. I love cats for their sass and (usually) tranquil companionship, but I also love dogs for their energy and company.

Coffee or tea?
Tea, particularly green tea, and peppermint tea. Aside from that, I’m more of a cold drinks kinda girl.

Cheetos or Doritos?

Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
I enjoy the taste of Pepsi slightly more than that of Coca-Cola, but I enjoy both. I do, however, admire Coca-Cola’s advertising chops. You’ve got to give them kudos on that.

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl all the way.

Day or night?

Pen or pencil?

Pewdiepie or Markiplier?
Markiplier, but I’ve enjoyed lots of Pewdiepie’s videos as well.

Spring or summer?

Introvert or extrovert?
Definitely an introvert. Give me a nice sit-down with coffee with a small handful of people over a massive party any day.

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Trek; I’m no Trekkie, but I can see the allure.

Simpsons or Family Guy?
Famiy guy, but I still enjoy both.

Apple or Android?
Android; I have my own slough of problems regarding Apple.

Your Top 5 Turn-Ons

1. For me, it comes down to values. Any guy who can appreciate the little things, whether it be a happy moment, spending time with friends/family, or small gestures of kindness, he has that spark for life that you just can’t duplicate.

2. Honour. If he has a sense of honour and loyalty, he is golden in my books. Morality is a must; he needs to be honest, even if the truth isn’t the easiest thing to hear.

3. A love of music. If he can sit back and enjoy music of any kind, be it metal or country, classical or jazz, I can relate to that love. If he plays an instrument as well, bonus points! I don’t care if it’s the cello or the accordion, if you can play an instrument, you go on with your bad self and play your heart out.

4. Passion. Anything that makes his eyes light up when he talks about something he loves is one of the most incredible things to see when you’re having a conversation. Whether it be a career or a hobby, what have you, when there’s something he’s passionate about, it shows; and I adore that.

5. Communication. If a person is willing to talk about everything and anything with an open mind, and is capable of not just hearing, but listening, they have my respect. Communication quite possibly the most important tool to building any relationship, and it’s a sign of intelligence and wisdom that is disturbingly rare in people today.

Top 5 Turn-Offs

1. Dishonesty. Even if they’re just little lies, if I can’t trust you, I certainly can’t be close to you. I need people in my life to be unfraid to give it to me straight. If someone can’t be up-front and honest with me, I will spend the relationship questioning everything they say, including compliments.

2. Gossip. The world is full of it, and I know it’s something that most folks do without realizaing it, but I’m so beyond tired of it. For most folks, their problems would be solved much easier if they would spend more time talking to people, rather than about them. Besides, if you’re talking about someone behind their back to me, what are you saying about me when I’m not around?

3. Ignorance. One can’t know everything, and there’s nothing worse than a know-it-all, but what bothers me is someone who stubbornly refuses to learn more about something. With such a wealth of knowledge available to us through the internet, literature, and simply through communicating with the people around us, especially those with conflicting views, it is an insult to humanity when one is completely unwilling to sharpen up their knowledge on a topic out of stubborness and blind ignorance.

4. Thoughtlessness. I believe one should be able to put themselves first, and it’s okay to be selfish in life sometimes; you need to take care of yourself and your needs, too. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to disregard the feelings and needs of others. Being blind to how your actions will affect everything around you, or the refusal to care, is something I can’t tolerate.

5. Bad grammar. I don’t sweat the small stuff, obviously. Minor errors in punctuation, typos, and some words are easy to mispell. On top of that dyslexia is a lot more common than people realize. However, I need you know you are at least making some sort of effort. If your grammar is so atrocious that I can barely make out what you’re trying to say, and it’s born completely of one’s lack of effort, I cringe a little.

Let’s Get Philosophical

What is the meaning of life?
I believe we’re here for two things; to learn, and to aid others. If you’re not learning, you’re not living; this includes learning more about yourself, too. Self-discovery is important. As far as the second essential, I believe it our obligation to help others when we can, and to influence others in positive ways; even if it just involves supporting your loved ones, or lending a hand to a stranger in need.

What are your thoughts on assisted suicide?
I can’t speak for everyone, but I know if I personally were in a situation where I was being kept alive artificially with little to no hope of waking up, I would not want to prolong that stress for my loved ones. I’d rather go and let them move on. As far as terminal diseases, as long as I gave it a fighting chance, I would rather a silent, voluntary death over months to years of constant suffering. I do think people should have the choice if they find themselves facing an inescapable fate.

Do you believe in God?
I wouldn’t call myself religious. I often feel like there’s something or someone out there; and when I feel the need, I do make wishes (not materialist ones, I just wish for the safety of the people I love, or for the resolve to make it through a situation), but I never know what name to call, or if anyone even hears me. Still, I’m not closed off to the idea of a god of some sort; I just feel there’s no way of knowing until the time comes. If there is a god out there, I’m certain that he/she would judge based on the life we’ve lived as a whole, rather than whether or not we believed in an entity we had no way of knowing ever existed at all. Long story short, I don’t specifically believe, but I’m not closed-minded to the concept as I was in my more rebellious (and needy) youth.

Do you believe in aliens?
Yes. I can’t look at all that space and how we couldn’t hope to explore it in it’s entirity only to find we are the only currently-existing life forms out there. It would be such a waste. However, I agree with Stephen Hawking in the sense that we should not try to contact them. Knowing of their existance would be enough for me, but contacting them could easily prove catastrophic.

Have you ever seen anything supernatural?
To be honest, yes. My house is no stranger to the things that go bump in the night, but frankly, nothing bad has happened in the decade that I’ve lived here, so whatever resides here doesn’t seem to be malevolent. I’ve had other experiences outside my home, but perhaps I’ll give that topic it’s own blog entry sometime.

What’s your sexual orientation?
Straight, but not narrow.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. I believe you can feel drawn to someone by their presence, or to be exceedingly curious, but real love; actual love… that takes times to develop.

Would you change yourself for a love interest?
I would not change who I am, no. I would take interest in things they are passionate about and learn more, but I will never pretend to enjoy something I don’t enjoy, and I will be open and honest about what I am (and am not) okay with.

Assorted Nuts

Ever broken a bone?
Yes, actually. I broke my leg when I was very young. Damn swingsets.

Can you sing?
I’d like to think so, but really, who’s the judge of that?

Can you dance?
No, but I do it anyway.

Can you whistle?

Can you snap your fingers?
Only wth my left hand.

Can you roll your tongue?

Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?
I’ve been trying for years.

Can you touch your toes?
Darling, I can fold myself in half. I have yoga to thank for that.


Zombiepocalypse: What Would You Do?

This was created by me, but you are free to use it and pass it along. I don’t expect nor care whether or not I am credited. This is all just for fun!

1. If you were in your home while the zombie-pocalypse started happening, what would you do?

I would start assigning tasks to my household. In my current situation, I live with four others.

  • First: head upstairs and start filling the tubs and sinks with water, and prepping for the demolition of our beloved staircase.
  • Second: ensure the doors are locked and keep a lookout for immediate danger. If the situation gets dicey enough where we no longer have time to prepare, they would alert the rest of us and run upstairs to safety with anything they can collect along the way.
  • Third: collect as much non-perishable food as possible, as well as containers and toiletries if time allows the luxury.
  • Forth: collect weapons, tools, batteries, entertainment, rope, tools, first aid, blankets, etc.

Once that was done, it’s up the stairs we go. We’d demolish the staircase and hide away in the temporary safety of the rooms on the top level. With two full bathrooms and three bedrooms, we should be able to sustain ourselves for a while. At this point, we can try to contact other loved ones, but it’s doubtful we will get through. Now, it’s all about conserving energy and keeping calm while starting to discuss our next steps.

We would keep a great deal of rope up above as our means of getting back down to ground-level, but only if we have no choice and must gather supplies or leave our home.

When the time came where things had quieted down enough to leave, I would start to seek out the rest of my loved ones at my own risk. There are a very small handful of people I would risk death for, but I would not stop hunting for them until they were found. The only thing that would stop me then would be death itself.

2. How many survivors would be in your group?
Ideally, two to five. Any more than that may be too large. I don’t believe in safety in numbers; more people means more mouths to feed and more asses to save if they get in trouble. With a smaller group, you can keep track of each other, but still distribute the tasks and workload comfortably.

3. What are your thoughts on killing zombies?
It’s only to be done when absolutely necessary. We all love the games and movies, but killing a zombie in real life would not be the same. You are risking drawing attention to yourself, and exposing yourself to infection and danger. Having to kill zombies would be an unavoidable part of survival, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out looking for trouble. Avoid them when you can, and if you can’t, take them out quickly and quietly.

4. What would you wear if you had the choice?
A tank top, a light jacket, cargo pants, a utility belt, hiking boots, and riding gloves. All in black, army green, and brown. There’s no place for neon in a post-apocalyptic world. I would also wear a string necklace with a single bullet that would be saved for myself if I found myself in an inescapable situation.

5. What would you choose as your melee weapon?
I will always choose the multi-purposed crowbar. I would also accept a lead pipe, or a metal baseball bat, but those wouldn’t be my preferences. I would be keeping a hunting knife on me at all times. If your weapon can double as a tool, you may be even better off.

6. What would you choose as your primary weapon?
Two handguns. I would probably go with the standard Glock simply because they are low-maintenance, and relatively easy to use. If I were a better shot, I would prefer  bow and arrow, but at my current skill level, I would be horribly ineffective.

7. What skills do you currently have that would benefit you?
I am able to spend long stretches of time in solitude without it getting to my head and am relatively decent at critical thinking. Aside from that, I would be at quite a disadvantage as I am.

8. List three skills you would want to acquire before a zombie-pocalypse were to arise.
Impeccable first aid training, physical stamina, and the ability to find resources in the wild.

9. You hear a noise nearby; do you investigate?
Doubtful. If the area from whence it came happened to be spacious and well-lit, I may consider it, but that’s one of the easiest ways to get yourself killed.

10. Where is your ideal location to wait out a zombie-pocalypse?
It all depends on what resources you have available. If you can make it out to a military base in the middle of the ocean, go for it; but it’s unlikely you’d manage to make it there. I would not intend to wait it out. I would settle from place to place for short periods of time, but the key is to keep moving.

11. What would be your favoured mode of transportation?
By foot. Always by foot.

12. What is, in your opinion, the most dangerous aspect of the zombie-pocalypse?
The living. Zombies are predictable, but realistically, the two things that will pose the biggest threat are other survivors who are either desperate or just plain horrible people, and your own mind would cause problems on it’s own. The situation is traumatic no matter how you slice it, so your mind could start playing tricks on you, or the stress of it all could even drive you to insanity if you’re not cautious.

13. Would you have a pet?
If anything, I would keep a mouse, rat, or a small snake. Any creature that is silent, easy to carry, and quick would be best. That way, if something were to happen to me, they would be able to escape with little risk.

14. You’ve been bitten and no one in your group knows yet; what will do?
I would be up front and say my goodbyes, leaving the group so they wouldn’t have to see the whole bullet-to-the-head thing. There’s no way in hell I’m going to be a zombie, but I’m not going to ask my group to watch.

15. Do you think a zombie-pocalypse could ever happen?
Not necessarily. Outbreaks of rabies I think would probably be as close as it would get, but no strain that would happen in real life would really function like they do in the media. I’m certain any “zombie-pocalypse” that would ever happen in reality would be nothing like we’ve seen in film.


Want to give this survey a go? Copy and paste it to your own blog/website and give it a try! Morbid curiosity never really killed the cat, did it?











Thank/Fuck You For Smoking

Okay, folks. Sit on down and let me talk to you about something that seems to be pretty back-and-forth these days; nic-sticks, cancer sticks, smokes, cigarettes.


We’re bombarded with messages from both sides. In media, smoking has often been portrayed as stylish and glamourous. Sultry jazz divas charming the microphone with a cigarette between wine-coloured lips, leather-clad badasses racing muscle-cars  with impossibly attractive women on their arms.giphy

Now, if you were raised in a similar society as I was, from day one, you’ve also been surrounded with the propaganda that all screams the same thing; smoking’s bad, mkay? I grew up with the D.A.R.E. program which focused on everything from alcohol to drugs, but they also touched on cigarettes and their effects. I grew up with a family with very set morals against it. So, what do I think? Are cigarettes really all that bad?

Yes. Yes they are.
(now, all you smoking enthusiasts out there; bear with me. My views on this are far from black and white).

It’s not exactly a secret that cigarettes cause a multitude of health problems. Hell, we’ve had it jammed down our throats all our lives since as far back as I can remember. It does a serious number on your body, and yes; addiction is an issue. There’s the danger of second-hand smoke, causing harm to those around you. So, my mind seems made up; why am I even talking about this?

Well, despite everything you’ve just read, I’m a smoker.
Yep, I smoke cigarettes. I’m no chain-smoker or anything; generally, I smoke socially. Frankly, I’m not a very social person, so one small pack of cigarettes will take over a year to go through; and that’s with lending most of them out to fellow smokers. I simply don’t smoke very often. However, from time to time, I do enjoy a cigarette every now and then. Why? Well, why do people like to enjoy the occasional beer? Or get a new tattoo? Or eat copious amounts of sugar? Everyone has something they enjoy that’s not exactly good for them, a vice as it were. I simply chalk it up to one of my favourite philosophies; everything in moderation.

In all things, going overboard is never that far away. The best thing you can do is be educated about something before jumping in if you’re unsure. If you understand the risks and problems, who am I to stop you or say you’re right or wrong? All I ask is that you are mindful of others whilst you make these choices. In this case, the biggest example I must stress is second-hand smoking. I know it’s unfortunate, but it is a danger. I do not see smoking as a free-pass to be inconsiderate. For example, I don’t smoke around children. If I know a child nearby can even see me smoking, I will lower the cigarette, or put it out and light it up later; I don’t want to be an influence to them at such a young age when it comes to something you should only really do when you’re old enough to really understand the severity of the potential consequences.
If I’m walking with someone who doesn’t smoke, but I decide I’d like a cigarette, I always check first, and I never subject them to the smoke more than I absolutely must; it’s as simple as standing downwind, taking it easy on blowing that smoke everywhere, etc. But generally, I won’t smoke around non-smokers as it’s not fair of me to subject them to a choice they didn’t make.

Now, right here I’m specifically addressing the non-smokers out there; specifically the ones who are anti-smoking advocates. All I ask if that if you see someone smoking, that you take it easy on the hate. I’ve had it happen to me; I’ll light up for my semi-annual cigarette and all of moments later, I’ll get the look of disapproval, or even sometimes a little mini-rant on how unattractive it makes me look. Generally, I simply say, “who says I desire to be seen as attractive through anyone’s eyes but my own?”
People will always find your flaws and many will be happy to point them out. Maybe you’ve got tattoos or piercings; maybe you have no tattoos or piercings. Maybe you’ve dyed your hair a wild colour, maybe you’re wearing a brand of clothing that isn’t 100% vegan.

Fuck those people. The only one you need to be concerned about when it comes to your aesthetic value is you. You like how you look in those skinny-jeans? You wear them whenever you please. You like wearing that adorable frilly dress? Own it; you know you can. Just know that everyone still has their opinions, and people will think as they please regardless of your feelings. To those people, you have my respect; all I ask is that you grant me the same courtesy I have shown you by keeping those opinions to myself unless it’s brought up. I’m not going to judge you based on how attractive I think you are, or how you’ve made one choice I wouldn’t have; I will judge you based on the kind of person you are. How do you treat the people around you? That’s the essential question I ask myself before I really decide whether a person is worth my time or not.

So folks, there’s two bottom lines to be said:

  • If you’re a non-smoker and proud, you go on with your bad self. Just remember that not everyone thinks like you, and while you are welcome to your opinions, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to attack those around you for their choices. Save it for someone who really deserves the hostility.
  • If you looooove your nicotine-sticks, I’m not going to judge you if you love your nicotine. I partake every now and then and I enjoy an occasional cigarette myself. All I ask is that you uphold the same standard that should be upheld whilst drinking; smoke responsibly, know the risks, and be considerate.