My New Feature: Personality Quizzes!

Hi there, folks!

I’m happy to announce I’ve come across a quiz-making site I quite like. Back in the day, I used to create quizzes on for fun before they were bought out and eventually shut down. Having missed it, I’ve decided to launch my own line of personality quizzes for you to try out. Whether you’re curious or just plain bored, I hope you enjoy them regardless!

My first official quiz has been released just now, so go ahead and check it out. Don’t forget to check back for more quizzes in the future.

What would your Hogwarts House be?


Is there a quiz you’d like to see? Suggest it by commenting below, or email me at so I can look into creating it!

~Miss Bloodstone



Coming Up: An Update on Miss Bloodstone’s Content


Last edited: February 19, 2016
Hello, all.

I figured it would be wise to post a little update on my website and its status. A little heads up on what’s to come can’t hurt, after all. So for all of you who are wondering what’s coming down the pipe, here’s what you can expect! Please keep in mind, however, that this it not a complete list; this is just to give you an idea of how this is all going to go.

• Jack Frost and Kyla Fan-Fiction
I have had a couple people ask for a Jack Frost x Reader story, but I’m not going to be accepting payment, therefore, commissions for some time. I first need to get a payment method set up before I open for commissions. However, I do want to toss up a sample story or two so my clients have a general idea of what to expect.

All I can tell you for the time being is that the main character will be very loosely based on the Banshee. This story/series (I have not decided how long it will be, yet) will have a couple of darker elements and will be intended for a slightly older audience than Rise of the Guardians. It will not by any means have an age minimum as there will be no swears, sex scenes, etc. it will simply have darker themes.

01/09/2016: The character pages and teasers are nearing completion and this story will soon be under way. The main protagonist will be a young lady who resides in Newfoundland. The story is turning out to take on a much darker nature than I originally intended, but I think it will still be acceptable for all ages to enjoy.

I have, however, settled on the name Kyla Burk for the main character.

• Deadman Wonderland(Senji) Request Fan-fiction
This is one of my first requests from a local reader based upon the character, Senji. She has given me free reign over the character’s general design, but has request the concept be loosely based off of herself. I have settled on a more mary-jane-style character whose growth will rely mainly on adversity challenging her kinder nature and allowing the story to take on a much darker, heavier nature. It is in the works, but I am confident that the first part will be released this month; if not that, at least the character pages and the teaser.

The protagonist’s nickname will be ‘The Swan’ and will also play of the White Swan/Black Swan concept, derived from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky‘s ballet. Her birthname I am still mulling over in my head, but I’m leaning towards Evangeline.

• Billy Coen x Reader Fan-fiction
This one, I confess, is a request a friend has been asking me to write for years and this has been in the works on and off ever since. I have settled on the character and general storyline, so it will have some more horror-based themes, as any story should in the Resident Evil dynamic. The main character will be named Maria.

• The Walking Dead Game- Ben x Reader Fan-fiction
This request will be a bit of a strange one, and will mainly rely on the reader having played the game, as the character I am writing in will be basically written into the script of the game through this fanfiction until the point in the game’s plot where Ben is no longer a part of the story. *ahem*
I’ve not yet decided exactly how this one is going to go, but my client has requested the name of Addie, and she will have gone to the same school as Ben at the time.

• Commissions Grand Opening
Alright, folks; inching closer to payment methods, but for now, just to update the situation, I will be opening my commissions for free once I feel I’ve got a wee bit of a following. I don’t have a specific goal in mind, but once I feel that opening the commissions will be worth my while, I will be happy to begin the service. 🙂
That being said for the time being, if you already have a commission you want done, go ahead and drop me a line at and assuming I don’t have a bunch of people ahead of you, I can accept them in my current state. Thanks, folks!


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Keep checking back for more content and updates; always be sure to send me any ideas and requests for content to

Thank you for reading!