Movies and TV Shows

Here you will find reviews of any movies, short films and television shows I’ve come across. While I try to keep most of my reviews as unbiased as possible, remember that these are my opinions, so if you really want to know all about it, you should have a look on your own time.

Please note that I also try to keep my reviews relatively spoiler-free, but if I will be revealing a  critical plot-piece, I will warn you with a bright, red, obnoxious ***SPOILER ALERT***. Once that bit is done, you’ll see a bright, green, less-obnoxious ***END SPOILER ALERT***.

Don’t worry; I got you. 😉

If you are a director, actor, editor, or artist involved in this sort of thing and you want a review you can use to speak out about and promote your work, please contact me at I will review your work free of charge! Just be sure to include a link to where I can view/listen to the content. Do not, however, expect me to purchase it; I am offering a review service, not a charity. 😉

Please note that I will expect you to link me to the content, or otherwise provide if you can. I do have Netflix and Shomi, so if what you are requesting is available there, I will use it. If I can otherwise acquire it from a friend or personal connection, I will, but it is possible I may not be able to.


~Crimson Peak (2015)~

~Fantastic Four (2015)~



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