Welcome to my Reviews page! Here, you will find critiques of all sorts of things from movies to music, from Youtube channels to artwork, from live performances to restaurants.

If you want me to review a movie, album, or anything else that you do not see covered on this site, please feel free to suggest it in the comments, or via email (

If you are looking for someone to review something of yours, I will be happy to do so. I do not charge for reviews and critiques, but be warned; I will be honest. If you ask for my opinion, I will assume you are doing so because you want to know exactly what I think.

So do you have something on Deviantart you want a critique on? Did you make a short film or music video on Youtube and want a review? Are you performing in the area and do you want an unbiased opinion from the audience? Do you want a little shameless promotion on my humble blog? Look no further!

The review will not be posted publicly without your permission. While I will not lie, I am also not out to destroy anyone’s reputation. That’s simply not how I do things.

Please look through the Reviews options for more information, or email me at so we can discuss terms.



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