Top 10 Lists

Welcome to my Top 10 Lists! I love reading Top 10 lists, but I love putting them together even more. Here, you will find Top 10 Lists about everything from movies to food, so go ahead find what piques your interest and have a read!

Don’t forget to comment and discuss. I want to know what you would/would not have included. It’s far more fun to see what others think on these matters after. That’s entertainment!

Bear in mind; these are my Top 10s based on my own opinions and reasoning, so don’t expect to agree all the time!
~Top 10 Neopets~
Anyone else remember spending countless hours of their chilhoods raising Neopets and earning neopets in this nostalgic virtual world? Well, I certainly do; and I thought it was high time to pay homage to my personal favourite virtual wonders of the 2000s!

~My Top 10 Favourite Pokemon of All Time~
So you’ve essentially seen my least favourites, but what about those Pokemon that shine above the rest? Well, here’s “Miss Bloodstone’s Top 10 Favourite Pokemon of All Time”!

~Top 10 Evanescence Songs~
Anyone who pays attention to my influences knows Evanescence is one of my favourite bands of all time. So if you’re part of the Fallen Army and want to take part in a little shout out to one of the greats, click and read on. \m/

~Top 10 Animated Disney Guys~
Well, you’ve read about the lovely ladies of Disney, but what about the guys? Well, have no fear; here I’ve got my Top 10 Disney Guys. The ladies aren’t the only ones capable of amazing things, and we learned just as much from the men of Disney in many different ways! With further ado, here are my picks for the Top 10 Animated Disney Guys.

~Top 10 Animated Disney Ladies~
The ladies of Disney have taught many people lessons throughout the years. Disney buffs young and old will know that to be a Disney lady takes more than a gorgeous dress and a pretty face; you need to stand for something!
Have a look to see my Top 10 Animated Disney Ladies!

~Top 10 Dumbest Pokemon~
I’ve been a fan of Pokémon since the first games were released, and I even watched the show until the end of the first season (I lost interest when the second season started). Even to this day, I still enjoy playing the games. With the original 151 Pokémon sprouting to over 700, many wonderful creations have resulted from the Pokémon team’s imagination.
However, they can’t all be winners! Here, you will see what are, in my opinion, the Top 10 Dumbest Pokémon (so far).



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