Ask Miss Bloodstone

Welcome to ‘Ask Miss Bloodstone.’ Here, I offer my company and my thoughts on anything you wish to discuss. This is more-or-less meant for one-on-one private discussions that you cannot get through the comment section. If you have something on your mind, or are wondering about something (whether it be love, family, a project, a dream, what have you) and want someone to talk to, someone to bounce some ideas off of, some inspiration, or someone to simply listen; that’s what I’m here for.

While I classify this as a kind of service, I do not charge for this. All you need to do is send an email and wait for my reply.

Before I get into this, I figure I should first off give you a little insight into who ‘Miss Bloodstone’ really is.

I have been dealing with acute social anxiety and chronic depression for many, many years. While it hasn’t necessarily been fun, I can say with all honesty that it has been a journey from which I have learned much. While these things do not necessarily go away, I know dealing with them became much easier through time, and through discussing it with others who had the same issues, or even similar ones.

I have learned that honesty is the best policy and sugar-coating things never got anyone anywhere good. Whatever you wish to discuss, know that you will get nothing but honesty from me. I treat my Ask Miss Bloodstone readers as comrades; not clients. This is a different kind of service with a different dynamic. I do not judge regarding gender, race, religion, etc. No matter what your situation involves, the point is for me to be an unbiased opinion and a grounding source.

Ask Miss Bloodstone entries will not be posted here. Our discussions will be 100% confidential and void of judgement. I’m not here to scrutinize you, I am here to help you.

Note that I am no professional; I’m just another human being offering help to those who need it. If what ails you is a medical issue, I do suggest you see a professional to aid you, but if you are not ready for that yet and want to talk to someone, I am just one email away.

Contact me at to begin. If you are wanting real-time discussions, my Skype is available. Please note that it is not a camera discussion. The point is to keep you anonymous, and for my own security. The reason I offer it is for discussions that go beyond just one or two back-and-forth emails. For situations that need my full, undivided attention, a Skype discussion will be offered. Start with an email and we can go from there.



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