Commissions Status: CLOSED.
I am still in the midst of setting up my payment settings. I will be posting my commissions information and the commission form below so you can get an idea of what to expect. Once I have a secure payment option set up (or multiple), commissions will be open.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have in the meantime. You may also send in your information for your stories and such if you wish to get them in early as I complete them in the order in which they are given. That way, once payment options are available, you will get your commission that much sooner.

Send your questions, concerns and information to

                                       General Information

1. To request a commission, simply fill out the form HERE and email it to me.

2. Commissions are done in the order in which I receive them. The sooner you send them in, the sooner I will get to them.

3. If you don’t want to describe every little physical detail of your character, I suggest using DollDivine to create your character. They have everything from animals, movie/tv characters, and anime-based character creators for you to use and it’s all completely free.

4. Your story will be kept anonymous unless you say otherwise. My erotica stories will NOT be featured on this website and will only be communicated through email. This is so I can keep my website rated PG-ish. Otherwise, whether or not your story is posted here is completely up to you. You can keep it anonymous if you wish.

5. I will not write school essays/assignments. So you can forget that.

6. I do NOT do refunds unless I am unable to write/complete your request, in which case, you will receive your payment back in full. However, once the payment has been sent, you cannot change your mind. That is why we will discuss the details and hash out all the information before payment is processed. I want you to be satisfied.

7. I can do rewrites, but there will be a charge for that as well. That’s a little more specific, however, and will be listed on my prices list. Please note, however that rewrites take low priority. This is because I will always offer my best work and that can often times be very time-consuming, and a rewrite can be even more so.

I will write any of the following:
Poetry/lyrics on the topic/person of your choice. Details can be hashed out via email.
-A backstory for you or your character. This can be as vague, or as complex as you like. At the end of the day, you have the most creative control; my job is to bring it to life!
-A general story for you or your character.
-A romantic one-shot (basic story) between you/your character and either another one of your characters, a character from a show/book/movie/etc. or even a celebrity. This story can be as tame or…ahem, erotic as you please.
Chapter-based stories. If you request a basic one-shot and find that you loved it and wish to know more, I can continue your story for as long as I am able and I will be happy to tack on more chapters.
-If you have another kind of request, please feel free to ask me via email.

                                                Price List

-OC Backstory- $3.00CAD
-Basic Story/One-shot- $2.00CAD
-Additional Chapters- $1.00CAD
-Poetry/Lyrics- $1.00CAD
-Full Re-Write- $5.00CAD
-Sectional Re-Write- $3.00CAD


Are ready to get started? Click HERE for the commissions form!



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