Moonrise Prologue: Pitch’s Lament

A foghorn echoed in the distance as the waves broke upon the rocky shores. The moon seemed to be at peace behind the thick clouds that promised heavy morning rain, but the seas grew restless as they sang a warning to the world that a great darkness had come to announce it’s return, but no one would hear. No one would suspect the world’s dormancy was to end so soon after it had been recovered. Upon an iceberg the size of a barge, a dark figure waited with an eerie calmness that shook the air around him. He had managed to escape them; the nightmares, upon the sea where the scent of his fear was concealed by the overpowering presence of the deep.

Pitch lived.

Recalling back to his final moments power, before they had risen against him and sent him on his new life on the run. Eager to make them pay for how he had suffered such humiliation, he knew he had to bide his time for only a little longer. He knew there was to be a new chosen one. Someone he knew would put an end to any hope he had for regaining his powers. It was only a matter of time before she would be called upon to join the Guardians in what was to be the greatest battle of this age. She would be their greatest asset, and his final chapter.

“But not if I get to her first,” he mused under his breath. He had already formed a plan to…persuade her to join the right side. Whether she wanted to or not wouldn’t matter. He had given Frost a chance to choose, but the fool had chosen wrong. He chose to remain a Guardian, and to rise against him. This time, he would not be so leniant.

“Once the ice sets in…”

Iceberg, Antarctica




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