Zombiepocalypse: What Would You Do?

This was created by me, but you are free to use it and pass it along. I don’t expect nor care whether or not I am credited. This is all just for fun!

1. If you were in your home while the zombie-pocalypse started happening, what would you do?

I would start assigning tasks to my household. In my current situation, I live with four others.

  • First: head upstairs and start filling the tubs and sinks with water, and prepping for the demolition of our beloved staircase.
  • Second: ensure the doors are locked and keep a lookout for immediate danger. If the situation gets dicey enough where we no longer have time to prepare, they would alert the rest of us and run upstairs to safety with anything they can collect along the way.
  • Third: collect as much non-perishable food as possible, as well as containers and toiletries if time allows the luxury.
  • Forth: collect weapons, tools, batteries, entertainment, rope, tools, first aid, blankets, etc.

Once that was done, it’s up the stairs we go. We’d demolish the staircase and hide away in the temporary safety of the rooms on the top level. With two full bathrooms and three bedrooms, we should be able to sustain ourselves for a while. At this point, we can try to contact other loved ones, but it’s doubtful we will get through. Now, it’s all about conserving energy and keeping calm while starting to discuss our next steps.

We would keep a great deal of rope up above as our means of getting back down to ground-level, but only if we have no choice and must gather supplies or leave our home.

When the time came where things had quieted down enough to leave, I would start to seek out the rest of my loved ones at my own risk. There are a very small handful of people I would risk death for, but I would not stop hunting for them until they were found. The only thing that would stop me then would be death itself.

2. How many survivors would be in your group?
Ideally, two to five. Any more than that may be too large. I don’t believe in safety in numbers; more people means more mouths to feed and more asses to save if they get in trouble. With a smaller group, you can keep track of each other, but still distribute the tasks and workload comfortably.

3. What are your thoughts on killing zombies?
It’s only to be done when absolutely necessary. We all love the games and movies, but killing a zombie in real life would not be the same. You are risking drawing attention to yourself, and exposing yourself to infection and danger. Having to kill zombies would be an unavoidable part of survival, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out looking for trouble. Avoid them when you can, and if you can’t, take them out quickly and quietly.

4. What would you wear if you had the choice?
A tank top, a light jacket, cargo pants, a utility belt, hiking boots, and riding gloves. All in black, army green, and brown. There’s no place for neon in a post-apocalyptic world. I would also wear a string necklace with a single bullet that would be saved for myself if I found myself in an inescapable situation.

5. What would you choose as your melee weapon?
I will always choose the multi-purposed crowbar. I would also accept a lead pipe, or a metal baseball bat, but those wouldn’t be my preferences. I would be keeping a hunting knife on me at all times. If your weapon can double as a tool, you may be even better off.

6. What would you choose as your primary weapon?
Two handguns. I would probably go with the standard Glock simply because they are low-maintenance, and relatively easy to use. If I were a better shot, I would prefer  bow and arrow, but at my current skill level, I would be horribly ineffective.

7. What skills do you currently have that would benefit you?
I am able to spend long stretches of time in solitude without it getting to my head and am relatively decent at critical thinking. Aside from that, I would be at quite a disadvantage as I am.

8. List three skills you would want to acquire before a zombie-pocalypse were to arise.
Impeccable first aid training, physical stamina, and the ability to find resources in the wild.

9. You hear a noise nearby; do you investigate?
Doubtful. If the area from whence it came happened to be spacious and well-lit, I may consider it, but that’s one of the easiest ways to get yourself killed.

10. Where is your ideal location to wait out a zombie-pocalypse?
It all depends on what resources you have available. If you can make it out to a military base in the middle of the ocean, go for it; but it’s unlikely you’d manage to make it there. I would not intend to wait it out. I would settle from place to place for short periods of time, but the key is to keep moving.

11. What would be your favoured mode of transportation?
By foot. Always by foot.

12. What is, in your opinion, the most dangerous aspect of the zombie-pocalypse?
The living. Zombies are predictable, but realistically, the two things that will pose the biggest threat are other survivors who are either desperate or just plain horrible people, and your own mind would cause problems on it’s own. The situation is traumatic no matter how you slice it, so your mind could start playing tricks on you, or the stress of it all could even drive you to insanity if you’re not cautious.

13. Would you have a pet?
If anything, I would keep a mouse, rat, or a small snake. Any creature that is silent, easy to carry, and quick would be best. That way, if something were to happen to me, they would be able to escape with little risk.

14. You’ve been bitten and no one in your group knows yet; what will do?
I would be up front and say my goodbyes, leaving the group so they wouldn’t have to see the whole bullet-to-the-head thing. There’s no way in hell I’m going to be a zombie, but I’m not going to ask my group to watch.

15. Do you think a zombie-pocalypse could ever happen?
Not necessarily. Outbreaks of rabies I think would probably be as close as it would get, but no strain that would happen in real life would really function like they do in the media. I’m certain any “zombie-pocalypse” that would ever happen in reality would be nothing like we’ve seen in film.


Want to give this survey a go? Copy and paste it to your own blog/website and give it a try! Morbid curiosity never really killed the cat, did it?












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