Top 10 Neopets

Ah, another childhood wonder. Neopets opened up on the late 90’s and was a staple of not only my childhood, but that of many others who lived out their childhoods in the early 2000’s. Neopets was the virtual pet site and was addicting to many as they struggled to win as many neopoints as they could playing the multitude of games available.

Now, lately, it seems Neopets has been on the decline as it seems to get passed off from company to company. I still have an account that I rarely go on, and it seems that the website has lost its wonder in the thick of ads and content that tries too hard to be modern. However, I cannot forget what it was and how it managed to help shape my childhood, building friendships, and even playing a hand in helping me find my passions!

So come reminisce with me as we look back on the Top 10 Neopets!

Before I begin, I’d like to give a big shout-out and thank-you to Suta-Raito graphics for their wonderful Neopets pictures! All the artwork you see in this list aside from Number 10 are from their website, so go have a look!

10. Vandagyre
This is the most recently-released pet from the website; only having been revealed in 2014! While I do not always enjoy the newer pets, I like Vandagyre’s design; strongly resembling an owl and a panda. They hail from the mountains are said to be well-mannered, quiet and intelligent. Well played, Neopets. Well played.
9. Scorchio
This is one of the originals, folks! In Neopets’ official launch in 1999, Scorchio was one of the pets available to create, and was one of the most popular of it’s time. It loves hot, volcanic places, and is known for it’s friendly, outgoing nature! Some even call it the mascot for Neopets back in the day!
8. Shoyru
This was the winning result of a contest launched back in 2000 to design a Neopet. Little did it’s creator know it would soon become one of the top 5 most popular Neopets! Even to this day it reigns superior above the majority of the others. It is noted for it’s fiery nature. It’s very loyal, but if someone treats it badly, it will not soon forget!divider_by_danotomorrow
7. Cybunny
Definicybunnytely one of the cutest Neopets on this list, Cybunny was released in 2000. It loves cold, snowy climates in which it frolics and lives out it’s life. This pet was more common among the young girls on the website, but still had decent popularity among the young male demographic as well.
6. Eyriemaraquaneyrie

This is obviously a griffin-inspired pet, and is the very image of
courage and boldness. While they are playful, they are also known to be quite aggressive when threatened. Eyrie was released in the year 2000 and is still a popular pet to this very day. After all,who wouldn’t want to befriend their very own griffin?divider_by_danotomorrow
5. Peophin
These mystical-looking Neopets are known to be shy and elusive, but are also said to bring good fortune and happiness to those who come across them. Much like mermaids, there are many stories of them saving Neopets who have been lost at sea. Aside from that, they prefer to stick to their own. Peophin was actually the first limited edition pet during it’s release, but was later placed in the same category as the commons.
4. Kougrakougra6
Simple as they get, this tiger-like Neopet was released in 2000. Hailing from the forests, Kougras actually prefer exotic fruits over meat. Sure, they love to hunt and capture prey, but they’re never sure where to go from there, so they allow it to escape. I used to love this pet before it was redesigned years later. It was once one of the more powerful-looking pets of it’s time.
3. Draik
In 2002, this little dragon was temporarily released in the Create-A-Pet system before being placed as a limited edition pet. Ever since, it has been quite possibly the most elusive Neopet to own. Many of us went through our years on the website desperately trying to get one, and most of us never succeeded. This little fire-breathing dragon is the most sought-after pet; so rare, it ranks second-last in it’s rate of ownership on the website!
2. Gelertgelert5
Released in the year 2000, this was one of those pets that really just make up the dream-animal you only wish you deserved in real life! Gelerts are loyal and faithful, and ever-so-friendly. This was, in fact a symbol my childhood friends and I often used to define our very friendship and the basis on which it once stood. Any virtual creature that can carry so much meaning should be very high on this list.
Honourable mentions: Poogle, Uni, Xweetok, Koi, Hissi.
1. Lupe

This was a Neopet I always created first for my accounts. I was a huge wolf fan as a child growing up and even today, the wolf is one of my favourite. Lupes were said to be fiercely loyal, with a love for exploration and all kinds of adventures. It’s design was among the more simple ones, but I think that’s part of the reason I always loved it; the creators didn’t have to try so hard to make such a wonderful pet.

Well, Neopians? Do you agree with this list? What are your favourite friends from your childhood? Let me know in the comments below, or make you own list and link me so I can have a look!

Thanks for reading! Stay connected for more nostalgic Top 10 lists! Until next time!



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