Note: A song I’ve come across always makes me think of this dream. If you feel so inclined, check out this song by Brunuhville; it’s called ‘Ascension’.

As the dance floor’s sporadic lights dimmed to a dozen tones of blue, and the pulsing bass faded into a slow rock ballad, couples from all directions crowded the dance floor to bask in the atmosphere of romance and tender bliss. I sat at my table, gliding my finger across the edge of my nearly empty wine glass and watched as hands entwined and as eyes connected, glistening in the dancing lights. Bodies swayed back and forth and I placed my glass back down with a sigh. I stood from my seat and wandered out to the main deck of the ship. It was deserted. It seemed everyone was down in the dance room for the party. I made my way to the railing at the side of the ship and leaned forward to look into the waters. I breathed deep the vaguely familiar scent of the ocean; a friend I had missed every day since I had last seen it. Despite the fact I was twelve decks above the water, the wind graciously lifted the spray of the sea to kiss the side of my cheek.

I breathed in deeper still, and a shiver traveled across my skin. I looked out to the east to see a flicker of lightning in the clouds ahead. I gulped hard and made my way to the bow of the ship to watch as we slowly inched closer to the storm. I was torn between being nervous and excited. I zipped up my jacket, gripped my hands around the railing, planted my feet firmly on the deck and prepared for the ride. I didn’t want to go inside. I could never forgive myself for missing this; the night sky, the ocean and a thunderstorm all at once.

As I waited for the storm to engulf us, I looked up to the stars. I had never seen them as clearly as that night. No city lights loud enough to hide them, no skyscrapers to cover them. Just an endless abyss of stars, and moonlight that danced across the tumbling waves below. This truly was the calm before the storm. As the wind grew ever stronger, and the storm grew ever closer, any doubt I had evaporated and disappeared into the night.

The waves became more playful as the ship rocked left and right. Rain surrounded me, and any trace of the moon and stars that had stunned me before had been covered by dark clouds, lined and lit up with vicious lightning. As I gripped the railing of the handle and the thunder shook every bone in my body, I let out what seemed to be a mixture of a scream, laugh and a cheer as we began to climb the face of a massive wave; plummeting down once more to the base as my stomach dropped in protest. No thrill ride I had ever experienced compared to this. In this lurked true danger, and the intensity of the adrenaline within me was nearly unbearable.

The storm ended nearly as quickly as it had come. I checked my watch when I was able to pry my hands away from the railing and realized I had spent two hours on deck. I sprawled out on the deck with a contented sigh born of great satisfaction and looked out into the stars again. They almost seemed brighter.

I lurched myself back up to my feet and started to make my way back inside, and before I entered the ship’s indoor area again, I looked out to the sea and smiled with a feeling that was bittersweet. I was torn between two worlds. Although I found myself homesick the familiarity of home, I now realized I would also be homesick when I returned to the city. Nothing makes me feel more at home than the sky, the wind and the sea.




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