Evangeline: The Swan (Deadman Wonderland Character Sheet)

-Name: Evangeline

“Normal/White Swan”Swan.png

-Aliases: The Swan (white or black depending on her state).
-Species: Human (Deadman)

Branches of Sin:

  • Swansong: steel-like feathers burst from Evangeline’s back and arms, forming bird-like, layered wings. She can fire off the blades at will like pieces of shrapnel. She does not have a great deal of control on the aim, but if she can cover an impressive distance with a scattered attack. She only has enough strength to build her full wingspan once, however. After that, she can only regenerate one feather at a time at a cost of excess blood and energy.

    She has been known to also use the wings as a relatively brittle shield that can aid her in less intense times of danger.

  • Curtain Call: at a dangerous loss of blood, Evangeline goes into a kind of “berserker-mode”, where she is driven purely by rage and bloodlust. Using the only blood she has left before her point of exhaustion, she forms a single serrated blade in the palm of her hand, she attacks with reckless abandon with a drastically heightened level of speed and power. However, this burst of energy is very short-lived and it drains her strength rapidly, ending in unconsciousness and a great deal of pain and weakness for a prolonged period of time.
    Each time Curtain Call is activated, it causes her mentality to alter and shift, blurring the line between her white and black swan personas. It is predicted that extended or repetitive use of this condition could result in a permanent Black Swan takeover.

-Skin: Caucasian.
-Hair colour and style/length: Bleach blonde, wavy curls to her lower back.
-Eyes: Brown.
-Body type: Medium height, somewhat stocky, her body has various unsightly scars from what she suspects resulted from experiments conducted on her before and during her involvement the Deadman program; she is very self-conscious about them.
 -Personality: Quiet, soft-spoken and kind, Evangeline enjoys simplicity for the most part. She is musically inclined, being a very talented jazz and blues singer (but that is the extent of her artistic talent). It is rare that she gets angry, but when she is, it’s generally best to stay clear as she has a slight temper and tends to hold grudges.
-Likes: the colour purple, quiet areas, jazz, rock and metal music, simplicity, fruits and vegetables, horror movies.
-Dislikes: being cold, being put on the spot, clowns, most animals, doing things with her hands (she’s never been good with instruments, arts and general control).
 -Theme Song(if any): ‘Civilian’ by Wye Oak, ‘Mz. Hyde’ by Halestorm



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