Finding Love

Ah, love. There is little in this world that can inspire and overwhelm, create and destroy; that can be so clear, and yet devoid of all reason. However, the prospect of finding love is one with no clear answer. It can sometimes feel that we will go our whole lives without finding the prospect of that ‘other half’. While I cannot tell you where he/she is, I can assure you they are out there, if you are not so lucky as to have found them already.

Everyone starts somewhere; many of us come from little to nothing. Our lives are spent trying to build our empires out of the values we’ve picked up through the years. Some of us want money, fame, love, or the world’s largest video game collection. Regardless, in your pursuit, you will find someone along the way. You may not realize it right away, but along the journey, it’ll hit you. Whether it be slow and gradual like a warmth from a fire, or quick and sudden like a shiver of excitement, it will hit you. Maybe a year from now, maybe 20 years from now. Often times when you least expect it; when you are focused on your passions, your career, your friends, life eventually leads you to them without your knowledge.

One of the tried and true methods I have found that has not failed is simply this: stop looking. So many of us spend so much time frantically trying to find that needle in that haystack. Find your passion. Whether it be a career, a lifelong dream, or a beloved hobby, love always has a way of finding you. However, it is also stubborn, and will do so in it’s own sweet time. Hey, love’s an asshole.

However, if I can leave you with one piece of advice in this article, it would be this: true love is not found; it is built.


Whoever you spend your life with should be someone who loves you, teaches you, learns from you, and supports you in any way they are able (but this is moot unless you are willing to do the same in return!). I have always taken solace in the saying, “if you’re going to marry, marry your best friend.” Sure, you should have a platonic best friend in your life, but the person you spend your life with should be someone you can talk to about anything (and I mean anything), who you want by your side through thick and thin, and who understands you in ways few ever could. Those basic ideals of honesty, understanding, compassion, and mutual respect are what make up the very foundation on which love is built. From there, you make it your own with your adventures, your inside-jokes, the times you fought and cried, and the times you learned to make the best of a horrible situation.

Every love is a work of art. It’s a unique and priceless masterpiece that holds meaning only to those who put in the time and patience to create it. It is ever-changing, and may grow weathered through time, but that only makes it all the more fascinating to experience.



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