Jack Frost x Banshee: Banshee Character Sheet

-Name: Kyla Burk.

—Human Form—
H - Happy
—Banshee (Pitch)—
BB - Sad

—Banshee (Moon)—
GB - Rest


-Age: 17.
-Species: Human/Banshee.
-Skin: Caucasian/Fair.
-Hair colour and style/length: Baby pink, bleach blonde highlights/Jet black, blood red highlights/Jet black, blue-green highlights.
-Eyes: Brown/Black/Red/Crystal Blue.
-Body type: Tall, relatively slender with some slight curves. Blush shows easily on her skin due to her fair complexion.
 -Personality: Creative, artistic, somewhat twisted imagination, relatively introverted, content, stubborn, always yearning for more in life, adventurous.
-Likes: singing, painting, swimming, the ocean, flight, dancing.
-Dislikes: sleeping, candy, rap/hip-hop music, crowded spaces, being interrupted.
 -Other details: her favourite colours are pastels; mainly blues and pinks (however, darker colours are nice within reason). She loves fruits, especially oranges, but does not like the taste of artificial sweeteners. She also loves folk music and upbeat country songs, as well as symphonic metal.
 -Theme Song(if any): ‘Under Grey Skies’ by Kamelot



-Other Details: After a rough upbringing with her father (her mother passed away during childbirth), her big sister, Aideen, raised her. She is a relatively happy girl, but she tends to have horrible dreams and a wild imagination; a dangerous mix, causing her to dislike sleeping, which she only does out of necessity. She and her sister live in Newfoundland in a house on the rocks not far from the small town-site down the pathway.

When she does sleep, she always has her window open, which is just above her bed, so she can smell the scent of the ocean, even in sleep; this gives her momentary comfort from her nightmares, whereas when she awakens, she knows she is safe in her bed by the smell of the salt water. When the wind is just right, she can feel the spray of the ocean, which seems to help ease her mind as well.

She is not overly comfortable around people and doesn’t trust easily, but with family and small groups of friends, she is quite cheerful. She loves to sing and is always creating, whether she is painting, or making up new lyrics in her head.


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