Top 10 Animated Disney Guys

So we’ve talked about the ladies, but what about the guys? Disney has been known to create some pretty 3-dimensional characters before 3-D animation even came into play. With the multitude of memorable Disney guys to choose from, it would be an insult not to acknowledge them here.

Just as stated in the Ladies’ list, I have not included our male Disney villains as they deserve an explanation all their own. Check back for my Top 10 Disney Villains list in the near future! With that out of the way, let’s get started!

10. Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)
I know what you’re wondering; why is the oh-so-charming Flynn Rider so high on this list? Well, keep in mind that this list is not based on looks and charm, but on what’s inside. Eugene had to learn honour, having once believed the only person in world who mattered was himself. However, he soon realized that not all treasure could be sold and stolen. Real value comes from the people you love who can only be attained through honesty and loyalty. Eugene may still hold the heart of a thief and a very mischievous nature, but overall he is a good man with a knack for making people laugh. That and he was one of the first animated Disney characters to question why everyone around them randomly burst into song. I think that moment was a little too real, don’t you?


9. Mickey Mouse
Let’s face it; Mickey Mouse is the godfather of the Disney ideal. Always positive, cheerful and unwavering in his faith that remaining positive is all you need. Cunning and good-hearted, Mickey is a source of the zany humour and family values that Disney was built upon back in the day. Alongside his lady-friend, Minnie, these two make an unstoppable duo, and an inseparable pair. Truly unforgettable.

8. Robin Hood (Robin Hood)
Heroic, witty and a romantic at heart, Robin Hood was the friendly, fun-loving furball that taught us the value of doing what’s right and aiding the less fortunate. While thievery is not exactly the best policy, his heart was definitely in the right place. Bringing light into the lives of those who had all but lost hope just goes to show how powerful a positive outlook, a courageous constitution and a little fun can be, no matter the squalls. After all; faints hearts never won fair lady!

Robin Hood Archery Tournamentdivider_by_danotomorrow
7. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)
Prince Eric seems to be a typical “nice-guy” stereotype, but just like Ariel, he is always in search of something more. He proves to us that he is brave, adventurous, fun-loving and humble, and he will stop at nothing to show appreciation for those who have aided him throughout his life. Loyalty and honour go a long way on this list, and Eric’s got it in spades. We also know that he sees the beauty in marrying for love, rather than advantage, which is a value I can definitely get behind. And let’s face it; any guy that will climb back onto a burning, sinking ship to save his dog is a total badass, and a definite keeper.

divider_by_danotomorrow6. Adam (The Beauty and the Beast)
I know, I know; Beast? Well, hear me out. Self-improvement is a big factor in this list, and Beasts’ whole deal is about inner growth. Starting out as a cold-hearted prince with no regard for the struggle of others, he was forced into a horrible curse and at first, he really seemed to refuse to learn anything. However, throughout the film, we see Belle’s influence on his beastly demeanor. We really see him struggling against what’s wrong, and in the end, we see the curse broken by love, but it was a love that could only be achieved through learning and inner perseverance. This may be a tale as old as time, but it is a story that only gets better with age.

5. Aladdin (Aladdin)
Make way for Prince Ali; this one tends to be the fan favourite for most Disney enthusiasts. Even as a thief, he shows through his longing and spirit that he is a dreamer at heart. Quick on his feet and clever to boot, he is the first to stick his neck out to help someone in need, just as he did with Jasmine during their first encounter. As most of us do, Aladdin lost his way when he figured he had it all, but he eventually realized the value of friendship, keeping one’s promises and never forgetting who you are, and where you’ve come from. That alone says enough in my books.
4. Simba (The Lion King)
Here to remind us that a good heart knows no gender or species, is the king of the jungle himself, Simba. A favourite of many, we all remember seeing Simba’s journey from cub to royalty; we remember the struggles he faced and we remember his inner conflict between two ideals he had grown to believe; Hakuna Matata, and to do what was right. He taught us all that there is a time to sit back and let a situation unfold, but there is also a time to stand up and fight for what’s right; even if that means facing your greatest fears in the process. After the death of his father, he fled Pride Rock; through the fear and guilt that Mufasa was dead because of him. However, to save his home and his pride of lions, Simba returned to Scar and was forced to deal with what had happened. As the truth was revealed, he took back his homeland and returned the balance it had lost.

divider_by_danotomorrow3. Hercules (Hercules)
Hercules may be the son of a god, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have to find himself through the pain of adversity and the struggles of a man who just doesn’t seem to fit in. While the actual legend of Hercules in greek mythology is much different, Disney portrayed him in a way that taught us how important it is to always believe in yourself, no matter who tells you otherwise, and to keep that kindness and compassion alive in your heart. A true hero doesn’t just fight monsters and act strong; a true hero always does what’s right. Hercules is not known only for his physical strength, but for his strength of heart.

2. Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
As his name entails, Quasimodo may not be the most outwardly attractive person, but it cannot be denied that his inner strength is extraordinary. He reminded us all that outer beauty counts for nothing when push comes to shove. All that matters is that you are true to yourself, and that you always do what’s right. Having grown up with shattered confidence, Quasimodo had to learn that whether or not the world accepted him was not his weakness. His weakness simply lied in not accepting himself. Anyone else in his situation would have turned bitter, cold and selfish, but he persevered as a true hero and never stopped doing the honourable thing, and remaining loyal to his friends. Saving a damsel in distress does not mean you will win her heart, but to risk it all to save someone’s life without expecting anything in return is real strength.

1. Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)
Now, I have to be honest; I wasn’t fond of Prince Naveen during most of the movie. He seemed to be to be immature, irresponsible and selfish. However, that’s what helped him get to this spot on this list! If a person manages to show such growth through a difficult situation and as a result, come through as a genuinely better person, I value that effort above simply being born a certain way. Tiana helped Naveen to value effort and hard work. While things were rocky for our two heroes, they overcame every obstacle, even when all odds were stacked against them; including the odds of managing to surprise me when I thought I had already made up my mind about him. He reminded me to appreciate personal growth and to understand not just the result, but the struggle. Naveen started out as a spoiled brat, but came through as a charismatic, hard-working, good-hearted human being. Ray and Evangeline would be proud!

That concludes my Top 10 Animated Disney Guys! Did you agree with this list? Comment with your favourite animated Disney guys! Stay updated for more Disney Top 10 lists!



Jack Frost x Banshee: Banshee Character Sheet

-Name: Kyla Burk.

—Human Form—
H - Happy
—Banshee (Pitch)—
BB - Sad

—Banshee (Moon)—
GB - Rest


-Age: 17.
-Species: Human/Banshee.
-Skin: Caucasian/Fair.
-Hair colour and style/length: Baby pink, bleach blonde highlights/Jet black, blood red highlights/Jet black, blue-green highlights.
-Eyes: Brown/Black/Red/Crystal Blue.
-Body type: Tall, relatively slender with some slight curves. Blush shows easily on her skin due to her fair complexion.
 -Personality: Creative, artistic, somewhat twisted imagination, relatively introverted, content, stubborn, always yearning for more in life, adventurous.
-Likes: singing, painting, swimming, the ocean, flight, dancing.
-Dislikes: sleeping, candy, rap/hip-hop music, crowded spaces, being interrupted.
 -Other details: her favourite colours are pastels; mainly blues and pinks (however, darker colours are nice within reason). She loves fruits, especially oranges, but does not like the taste of artificial sweeteners. She also loves folk music and upbeat country songs, as well as symphonic metal.
 -Theme Song(if any): ‘Under Grey Skies’ by Kamelot



-Other Details: After a rough upbringing with her father (her mother passed away during childbirth), her big sister, Aideen, raised her. She is a relatively happy girl, but she tends to have horrible dreams and a wild imagination; a dangerous mix, causing her to dislike sleeping, which she only does out of necessity. She and her sister live in Newfoundland in a house on the rocks not far from the small town-site down the pathway.

When she does sleep, she always has her window open, which is just above her bed, so she can smell the scent of the ocean, even in sleep; this gives her momentary comfort from her nightmares, whereas when she awakens, she knows she is safe in her bed by the smell of the salt water. When the wind is just right, she can feel the spray of the ocean, which seems to help ease her mind as well.

She is not overly comfortable around people and doesn’t trust easily, but with family and small groups of friends, she is quite cheerful. She loves to sing and is always creating, whether she is painting, or making up new lyrics in her head.


Like Kyla’s look? Create  your own free character designs at Doll Divine!



Fantastic Four (2015)

Alright. Right off the bat, I can tell you that Fantastic Four has managed some pretty terrible reviews. With a dismal 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and nothing but negative comments surrounding it, there is no doubt that it failed to impress us when it was released in August 2015. I think it would have been better named as ‘The Mediocre Four’ or ‘The ‘Meh’ Four.’

While The Fantastic Four has never been my favourite superhero team, I had high hopes for this film with the rise and success of the genre. I was prepared to see them do the group some justice after the 2005 bomb that they have been trying to sweep under the rug. Whether or not they succeeded is up to the viewer, but I will say this; it was certainly much better in comparison.

Let’s start with the casting choices. Miles Teller played the part of Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards. Generally, I have not seen him in a role where he truly stands out, so this seemed to be a bit of a change of pace for him. Unfortunately, you can tell. While Reed is not meant to be a prince charming of any kind, he was a little too awkward and had no chemistry with Kate Mara (Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman). As a look alike, Teller was not a good fit for Mister Fantastic. His acting was alright, considering the fact that he was not cast well. The role did not do he, or his character, justice.

Kate Mara, as far as I’m concerned, was a wise casting choice. Aesthetically, she looks like she would make a good Sue, and while I think her acting was a little too void of emotional response, I think she pulled off the character well enough. She has a great deal of work to do if she wants Sue to pop as a more three-dimensional character in the sequel, and cannot rely on looks to get by as much, but she has potential to bring the character to life. I am hoping her performance in the film was simply a taste of what’s to come for The Invisible Woman.

Michael B. Jordan took on the role of The Human Torch/Johnny Storm and was a bit of an awkward fit for the character. I had not previously heard much about him, but Johnny Storm was originally caucasian, so casting Jordan was a bit of a strange choice. If they had cast Zoe Saldana as Sue, I would have scratched my head, despite the fact that I enjoy her work. Aside from that, Jordan did alright portraying Johnny, but I think he could have used far more passion as a very…hot-headed character demands. I was not overly fond of this choice.

Jamie Bell played the role of Thing/Ben Grimm, and I think this may have been one of the better casting choices regarding appearance. His facial features translated relatively well to his Thing counter-part, and his acting was rather decent throughout the role. I do think Thing could have been portrayed to be a bit bigger than he was made in the film, but aside from that, I was content with the casting choice for Grimm.

Finally, we have Toby Kebbell as the infamous Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom. I was looking forward to this character the most for this film, considering the fact that the villain can be the strength or weakness of a film. Toby Kebbell was a sub-par choice for Victor, but when Dr. Doom is revealed, things picked up a little more, and the physical resemblance to the classic villain in the comics was well-captured. A villain isn’t a villain unless he can intimidate an audience through the screen. Dr. Doom manages well enough, but still could have used a little more in the ‘wow‘ category.

That being said, considering how they ‘kill off’ Dr. Doom, it is my sincere hope that the studio did not get rid of him so easily. I am hoping that he will return in the sequel to make more of a presence, but we will have to see what happens.

Overall, the battle scenes were far too short-lived and did not do the group justice. We only get to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the abilities of the Fantastic Four and that may have been one of the biggest mistakes of this films. These movies are essentially action movies, so when they lack said action, the result can easily disappoint unless the rest of the film maintains the attention of the audience in a positive way. Unfortunately, the film failed to do so.

With Marvel releasing as many films as they have been during the past few years, comedy has also been a well-balanced factor, but it completely falls short in Fantastic Four, making way for only a couple little chuckles throughout. The comedic integration felt forced, if non-existent, and it did not pair well with the relatively serious tone of this film. Furthermore, the chemistry between the actors was very bland and failed to inspire much confidence in the portrayals of each character.

The special effects were mediocre. They were certainly better here than they were in the 2005 version, and they managed a decent mix between the comic-book classic character styles and the updated, sleek versions we see in the Marvel movies today. As mentioned earlier, Thing could have been larger in size, but aside from that, I don’t have any real complaints with the CGI. I simply was constantly aware that I was watching special effects.

The writing was fine enough. This was an interesting way of going about bringing the Fantastic Four together as a group, and introducing Dr. Doom, but it seemed rushed overall. Rather than looking at this as the first Fantastic Four movie, I think I will tackle it with the assumption that this was mainly created as an introduction of what’s to come. However, if the studio plans to boost the reputation of this line of superheroes, they are going to have to go far beyond during the sequel and prove themselves more than they ever have had need to. Considering the standard for superhero films is so high with the release of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and The Avengers, they are going to have to do much better than this. They’ll need to bring their A-game, not their Meh-Game.


Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass
Philip Glass I had heard little to nothing about before this. I recall his name being relatively familiar, but when I researched his earlier work, I understood why I did not recognize him. Aside from the Truman Show and The Illusionist, I had not seen many films with his work.

Marco Beltrami, on the other hand was another matter. I love my horror movies and his name stuck out for a number of horror and science-fiction films (World War Z, The Thing, I Robot, Hellboy, Resident Evil, to name a few). However, despite this, his work in music has failed to stand out to me in a way that many other composers have managed to do so. Beltrami is skilled with putting together mysterious and brooding pieces, but I don’t believe a superhero film was a good fit for him.
Perhaps if the studio had paired him with a composer with experience in the sort of driving, adventurous themes that a movie like this demands, it would have made a little more sense. Therein lies the problem in my opinion; the score needed to hit harder.

I don’t dislike Marco Beltrami; I find him to be a good composer in his own right. I simply don’t think Fantastic Four complimented his style.
—Review Summary—

I think everyone is being a little too hard on the film. It wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but especially in contrast to the catastrophe that was Fantastic Four (2005), I think they at least did it justice. The casting could have been better, but it certainly could have been worse. The effects were mediocre, the soundtrack was mediocre, the acting was mediocre, and the overall story was mediocre. It does not deserve much praise considering the standard set for superhero films today, but considering this was more of an introduction to the Fantastic Four, I would like to see what they do with the sequel to redeem their already poor reputation and show what the Fantastic Four can really do.

This concludes my review on Fantastic Four. Please keep in mind that this is my opinion and it may very easily differ from many others out there. Be sure to support the official release and leave your comments with your own opinions; I’d love to hear what you think.


Top 10 Animated Disney Ladies

I’ve always loved Disney. Hell, I grew up with it, and in doing so I gained many fantasy-based role models. The ladies of Disney always seem to stand for something and I believe that within each of them are traits every girl should develop as they grow and learn in their young lives and beyond.

I only really added one “villain” to this list as I will most likely be making a Top 10 Disney Villains list. That being said, read on and enjoy!

10. Demona (Gargoyles)
I don’t know about you, but Gargoyles was quite possibly one of the most underrated cartoon shows of my childhood. It had a plot and atmosphere that you just didn’t see everyday in kids content. The setting of the show relied a great deal on the main characters, but Demona had to be the coolest character of the show. Whether in gargoyle or human form, this villainous bombshell will not tolerate betrayal of any kind and is not one to be trifled with. Hell hath no fury like a gargoyle scorned; especially if that gargoyle’s name just happens to be Demona.
9. Minnie Mouse
Who better to help open this list than the classic of all classics? First appearing in Steamboat Willie, she was also first voiced by Walt Disney himself! The lovely girlfriend of the face of Disney, Mickey Mouse, she has a habit of finding herself in distress, but she is clever, classy and adorable, and is more than capable of handling herself. Still, Minnie is a true pioneer for the Disney ideal of true love; no matter what happens, her beloved Mickey is her love, her best friend, and her hero.

8. Kim Possible (Kim Possible)
What kid didn’t watch and adore KP? She’s gorgeous, talented, intelligent and relate-able. Leading an exciting double-life, she is a cheer-leading captain and a secret agent who has saved the world time and time again while still facing all the challenges of a junior/senior high school girl. She’s a walking lethal weapon with a heart of gold; good luck not falling for this teen idol!

7. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
If there’s one thing that gets my attention, it’s someone with personality and heart. After all, even if everyone else is against you, you should always stand for something. Pocahontas was a fantastic example of a powerful, independent woman who would not stand for something she felt was wrong. It’s just that sort of zeal and inner strength that makes her stand out. That, and what outdoorsy girl didn’t wish she could just run barefoot through the woods and jump off waterfalls (without dying at the end)?

6. Megara (Hercules)
A gorgeous, independent, sarcastic Disney character who has complex emotions and a sharp wit? Yes, please! Megara isn’t your typical Disney gal; even Pegasus disliked her at the beginning. She had the heart of a woman betrayed, and after giving her soul to save the life of her lover, he left her for another woman, condemning her to needlessly belong to the wicked god of the underworld, Hades. This is Disney, right? That’s pretty deep for a Disney character. Megara still does what she can in the end to undo the damage done and is finally able to move on to a happier life with Hercules. She’s a damsel, she’s in distress, and she can handle this; have a nice day!

5. Amelia (Treasure Planet)
Quite possibly the most underrated heroine on this list, Captain Amelia of the R.L.S. Legacy, is the finest captain you’ve never heard of. This feline-like powerhouse holds an air of command and respect wherever she goes and always maintains the dignity of a queen. While she enjoys the occasional cup of tea, she’s a fantastic shot, an agile fighter, and a true iron lady in her own right. You don’t see ladies of this caliber in the media these days, so I think Captain Amelia deserves far more recognition.

4. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
In classic Disney heroine fashion, Belle yearns for adventure; for love; for more. Don’t we all? Well, ‘more’ has a habit of finding our Disney girls, but not always in the way that they expect. Belle wound up with more than she bargained for when she met the Beast. They had a rocky start, but this spunky bookworm still saw the beauty in him that even he did not believe to exist. It takes a special woman indeed who can bring out the best in someone when faced with the sting adversity from the people of her hometown. She’s strong inside and out, sharp as a whip, courageous when she must be, and relateable to boot. She’s got no problem telling off Gaston, and reminds all of us that everyone deserves to be given a chance before judgment.

3. Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Not many Disney girls can pull off this much sass and make it look good, but Esmeralda has no problem achieving this feat. With more confidence than most of us could muster up in a lifetime, she’s not afraid to speak up against the masses when something is wrong, and she certainly will have no qualms in telling you where to go and how to get there. This gypsy girl believes in justice above all things and I think every strong woman has a little Esmeralda in her. How about a little appreciation for the girl who reminded us to stand up for what’s right, and to have courage?

2. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)
I’m going to be honest here, Tiana has to be one of my absolute favourite Disney princesses simply for what her character and story brought to the metaphorical table. Throughout the years, Disney has taught us many things; one common trend being that ‘wishes can come true.’ Tiana was the hard-working powerhouse that graced the big screens with the second half of that message. Wishes can comes true; if you make it happen! Hard work, perseverance, and self-reliance can be hard to find these days, but they don’t get more independent than Tiana. Furthermore, have you seen that dress of hers? Simply stunning!

1. Mulan (Mulan)
Finally, we have Mulan! Where does one begin with her? She had a hard time fitting into the stereotypes of a life already decided for her. While she gives it the good old college try, she is scorned and brushed off by all, including her own family! When the huns invade China, however, Mulan knows her father will be drafted. With his health and physical constitution, she knows he will not return alive. So what does she do? She cuts her hair, steals his armour, and leaves to fight in the war in his stead. She not only had to worry about death upon the battlefield, but death upon being discovered as a woman! She almost single-handedly takes out the entire hun army, and alongside her comrades and her lover-boy, Shang, succeeds in saving China and its emperor from death and despair. She is a woman worthy of respect and awe. Such courage is rare, even in fiction, and will not be overlooked! Now that’s a girl worth fighting for.

That concludes my Top 10 Animated Disney Ladies! Did you agree with this list? Comment with your favourite animated Disney gals! Stay updated for more Disney Top 10 lists!


Top 10 Dumbest Pokemon

I grew up with Pokémon. While the original 150 will always be among my favourites, the team behind the ever-growing list of critters and colossal creatures maintains an impressive sense of imagination, and added challenges to the phrase, “gotta catch ’em all,” make the games difficult to put down; even frustrating at times.

However, I have to admit, some of the Pokémon I’ve seen are rather silly, strange, or just downright odd. This list features a handful of Pokémon that made me scratch my head a little. Note that some of these include the evolutionary lines of the Pokémon named in the entry; because they are on the list for the same reason, they count as one (shh; just go with it).

If anyone is wondering why Magikarp didn’t make the list, it’s simply because it evolves into Gyarados; and Gyarados is awesome.

Without further ado, here is my Top 10 Dumbest Pokémon (so far).


10. Dedenne (#702)
Dedenne, also known as ‘Raichu-but-not,’ is a small electric/fairy-type Pokémon that was released during Gen VI. When I first saw this little guy, I genuinely thought it was cute; and while my opinion still stands, how is this not in the Pichu-Pikachu-Raichu evolution line? Its resemblance is so uncanny, they could have called it Chibi-Raichu, or Studded-Growth Pikachu. It looks like the result of a trainer stopping a Pikachu’s evolution just a little too late.
Well, I suppose a name that sounds so much like ‘dead end’ just goes to show the team behind the Pokémon concepts is finally admitting to running out of ideas.

9. Timburr/Gurdurr/Conkeldurr (#532/533/534)

When a Pokémon sounds like it was named by the Swedish Chef, you know it’s going to be a strange concept. These fighting-type Pokémon were released during Gen V. Wielding a squared log, steel I-beam, and cylinders of concrete, these are, you guessed it, ‘construction Pokémon.’ Sure, there are weirder things in the Pokémon world, which is why I placed them so high on this list, but I still can’t help but shake my head and wonder, “what were they thinking?”

8. Hawlucha (#701)

I suppose this is…creative? It still looks like this fighting/flying-type Pokémon is just a bad WWE Luchador-based costume to me. Hawlucha was released with Gen VI.


7.Nosepass (#299)
This rock-type Pokémon came out during Gen III, and don’t even get me started on its evolved counterpart, Probopass (or as I like to call it, The Rock In Mario Cosplay). All I can imagine in my head when I see this Pokémon is a conference room of executives brainstorming new Pokémon ideas when this happens:

-CEO: We should make a rock Pokémon. A Pokémon that is literally a rock. It’s simple. Yet elegant.
-Executive: But sir, we already did that with Geodude.
-CEO: Slap a nose on it.
-Executive: A nose, sir?
-CEO: A nose, Tim.

Beware the nose rock, all you Pokémon trainers out there. It means business. I think.


6. Lucicolo (#272)
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks you to think of a water/grass-type Pokémon? If you thought of a dancing, duck-billed mariachi pineapple in oven-mitts, you should consider a career with Pokémon design. Ludicolo was released during Gen III.


5. Cofagrigus (#563)
This ghost-type Pokémon from Gen V looks way too much like a bad Yu-Gi-Oh creature.  Furthermore, the nature of these things freaks me out. “It has been said that it swallows those who get too close and turns them into mummies.”

So let me get this straight; if someone gets too close, this thing will swallow them, remove their organs, stuff them, and bind them in linen? Isn’t this supposed to be a kids thing?


4. Voltorb/Electrode (#100/101)
Okay, I have nothing but love for the original 150, but this is the only one that really made me scratch my head. I’ll bet any money that they had already dreamt up 148 Pokémon, looked at each other, and said, “nah, 150 looks better on paper. Let’s slap some eyeballs on the logo and give it a name.

3. Pineco (#204)
This bug-type Pokemon was released during Gen II and while it may not be my least favourite from that generation, it is certainly one that took me off guard. A trainer walks into the forest, head-butts a tree and captures…a pinecone. Riveting.

I was considering putting Metapod/Kakuna on here, but at least they evolve into something interesting. I don’t even know what to call Forretress.

2. Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe (#582/583/584)
This ice-type Pokémon was released during Gen V and…as you can see…it’s basically ice cream. An ice cream Pokémon. I mean, sure it’d be delicious, but that’s about it. Whenever an opponent uses Vanillite, I just imagine him/her buying an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen, yelling, “Vanillite! I choose you!” and throwing it at me. The terror.

1. Kelfki (#707)
A key-ring Pokémon. Geez, you guys; if we didn’t already think your fountain of creativity was running dry, this pretty much seals the deal. This steel/fairy-type Pokémon was released during Gen VI and, I quote, “it threatens any attackers by fiercely jingling its keys at them.”

It jingles its keys. How awful. I mean, really how do you prepare for that?


Well folks, that about wraps up my Top 10 Dumbest Pokémon list. I hope you agree, or at the very least, enjoyed the read! What are the most ridiculous Pokémon in your opinion? Comment and let me know; I’d love to hear what you think!

Be sure to check back for more Top 10 lists!


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-Body type (don’t forget to include height and any scars, tattoos, piercings, marks, etc.):
-Clothing Style:
-Other details (favourite colours, favourite foods, etc.):
-Theme Song(if any):
-Other Details:

7. Non-Original Characters
This includes any characters who already exist, such as a celebrity, a character from an anime, movie, book, etc. You can add as much detail here as you like, but rest assured, I will be certain to do some research as well to get to know the character before I write about them. I will try to make sure I have their mannerisms down to an art before I put them to paper.

If you do not have an image, please fill out the following information, OR go to DollDivine to create your character. If you are including more than one character just copy, paste and fill out as many times as needed.

-Hair colour and style/length:
-Body type (don’t forget to include height and any scars, tattoos, piercings, marks, etc.):
-Clothing Style:
-Other details (favourite colours, favourite foods, etc.):
-Theme Song(if any):
-Other Details:

8. Pitch your story…
Let me know here what kind of story you are going for. If you have a specific plot in mind, are there any events/things you want to happen along the way. If you are ordering a lime/lemon, for example, what kind of things would you like to see in the written work? Is there a setting you have in mind, etc…?
Is there a general feel you want me to go for? (romantic, lustful, tragic, action-packed, softcore, sad, bubbly, etc.)
The more you give me to work with, the more I can tailor it to your preferences. If you give me free reign, I will do my best, but my imagination and your imagination may be very, very different.

9. Additional Details
Speak now or forever hold your deets.

10. Additional Questions/Concerns
If there are any questions or concerns you have, you can jot them down here so I may get back to you.

11. Privacy Details.
this means your commission will be sent via email, and will NOT be posted on the website.
 this means your commission will be posted on the website, with your chosen name/alias as the client.
this means your commission will be posted on the website, but your name/alias will not be posted. You will simply be known as ‘anonymous.’